what we do

In the on site traditional model of engagement we can work on several variantions, always with customer satisfaction and hith quality standards.

Staffing our partners projects on site. We Provide specific resources, as requested, to be integrated in our partners projects

Working in a mixed environment (ie On Site + Nearshore). Provide resources to be customer facing and integrated in their teams and, in parallel, lead a development team located in our HQ (reducing costs but not reducing quality)

We can responsible for subsets of larger projects in a end to end mode. This means that in a large complex projects we can be responsible for a specific workstream, taking care of all the aspects from projects management to delivery and post production.


Virtual team modal is often used for complex, long team software projects.

Select consultants with matching profile and experience

Introduse consultants to the client

Client selects the consultants that best fits the desire profile

Consultants does work for the client from our offices. Often intergrating a virtual team

Near shoring

At find more, our virtual Development teams work daily with our clients' teams. Through the use of collaboration tools. Distance. Cost and time-to-market are reduced, while the client with holds control of the teams and projects.
For Near shoring Solutions, geographic, Cultural And temporal proximity. Together with the technical and language skills of our teams, allows us to be the answer for our clients' needs

Cost Reduction

Time Saving

Geographic proximity and similar time zone

Collaboration tools and resources

Workspace + infrastructure

PMI certified Professionals


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